About Sands Surveying and Drafting

Sands Surveying and Drafting ServicesWe provide a wide range of surveying and drafting services, including Aerial Surveying and Imaging, Construction Layout, Topographical Surveys, Control Surveys and 3D Laser Scanning (see our Geomatics page).

With over 8 years of experience in the Geomatics Industry we can provide you with highly accurate and reliable data for all of your surveying and drafting projects.

We are based just outside of North Bay, Ontario. We can provide surveying services anywhere in Ontario. Whether it is a remote fly in location in Northern Ontario or in downtown Toronto, we would be happy to be a part of your project.

Our surveying and drafting experience includes:

  • setting control for new dam construction,
  • design and layout of a large solar array on a bedrock slope,
  • set control and provided layout for a directional drilled pipeline project,
  • drafting for a proposed bike path extension,
  • layout for new road construction as well as reconstruction including infrastructure layout,
  • many topographical surveys ranging from simple site grading plans for new house construction to large topographical surveys for subdivisions or road reconstruction,
  • providing control and layout for commercial buildings ranging from car dealerships to multi-storey college residences and hotels.